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                        What our Clients are Saying about Animal Friends

        My clients are the best testament to the quality of service that I provide.  Many of my clients have taken the time 
        and effort to write up and post online reviews about the outstanding pet care services provided by Animal Friends
        Professional Pet Care.  Here is a sampling of what some of our satisfied clients have said about us! 


Katie P.
Mark is a reliable pet sitter, full of genuine concern and caring for your pets. Mark has watched my two large dogs Penelope and Henri, both at our house and at his home. He has also cared for my cat Mortimer. 
Whenever my husband and I want to take a trip, we enjoy ourselves even more knowing that our pets are with him. He gives updates and even sends pictures. Mark provides a wide variety of services ranging from quick pop-bys when you can get home to let the dogs out in time, to longer term care for trips or vacations. 
He goes above and beyond, tending to things like your mail or a light sweep with no extra charge. He follows your directions to a T and gives your loved ones his full attention. I never worried for my buddies while I was away.
Mark is also super diligent with the details of running his business. He sends estimates before services and confirms appointments, etc. There is never any confusion about prices or services rendered. I totally appreciate that, especially when it comes to a less formal small business. Some people think because you aren't a large company you don't have to dot your i's or cross your t's, but Mark takes his business seriously. I only wish he was still pet sitting in my area. 
Best of luck to you Mark! And to all your future satisfied customers!

Mei C.
Oh Mark ... if it wasn't for Mark, I wouldn't have had 6 years of joyful life with my little Emerson.  He's in a couple of the pictures on this site - the little min pin mix.  Mark has known Emerson as long as I have known Emerson - he came to visit my puppy just a couple of hours after I brought him home.  And ever since then, he's been such a reliable and responsible uncle to Emerson. 
I found Mark just by searching online - and when he came to my house for the interview, he had everything: description of services, insurance, policies, and even references, all in one nice folder.  So professional I thought.  The other people I interviewed were people that were just doing this more as a side job.  But Mark took it very seriously. 
Mark has always taken great care of Emerson,  taking him for walks every day for 5 days.  Emerson had a few sleepovers at Mark's and enjoyed several trail walks as well.  What can I say - Mark has always taken good care of my little guy. and not just the little guy, but me too.  I'm known to lock myself out from time to time and Mark was always there to the rescue!  He really goes out of his way! 
When I found out that Mark was to move to Bend, my first thought was - OMG Emerson is losing his uncle and he doesn't even realize it!  I was so sad for Emerson because a loved one in his life was leaving him. But I'm sure that won't be the last time they will meet.

Laura V.
We have used Animal Friends for dog walking for about three years. Mark is incredibly reliable and great with dogs. You can tell that Mark truly cares about the animals he watches... My dog Atlas is so excited every time he sees Mark! 
Mark also allows dogs to stay with him at his home as long as they are compatible with his own dog. This is a great option for those who do not want to leave their pets home alone when they go out of town. When leaving Atlas with Mark, I know that I'm leaving him in good hands - which makes for stress free vacations! 
Mark is also very good with communication: He keeps a log at our house that he writes in every time he takes Atlas for a walk, and he is also readily available by phone and email. 
I would definitely recommend Mark to anyone looking for a dog walker or sitter.

Benjamin S.
My wife and I are blessed with a neurotic cat who assumes that if shoes are being put on, the Apocalypse is upon us and once the front door opens, it may never be opened again.  And if there's luggage opened on the bed, it's sackcloth and ashes time.   We've had bad luck with sitting services in the past, but it's a necessity with our cat since he requires special food and seems to liken his vet's boarding room to some kind of kitty concentration camp.  Thankfully, we found Mark Davis, who has been totally professional and totally reliable.  Our cat seems to have found a new friend, and we have absolutely no complaints.  He's watched for us several times now, every time we've returned home to a calm and happy cat....something that would have seemed miraculous only a few months ago.

David P.
We were looking for a qualified Pet Sitter & Dog Walker, as we were out of town often on business. We tried word of mouth and also searched online, but found it still hard to know who would be just right and feel comfortable with. After all, our pet is our child! 
We decided on interviewing a couple of people, but when Mark came to the house, he came with answers to all our questions and more! We found him to be most professional and best of all; our Mika seemed to take to him right away. There was no question on who could take care of our little girl after that, for it seemed that Mark took this opportunity very seriously. 
Mark has always taken great care of Mika, taking her for walks and also when we needed to have Mark keep Mika at his house for overnights for several long trips & vacations.   We did not like the thought of putting her in a kennel (which we tried), as she is so used to being in a home environment.  We even made sure to go over to his house and check it out and have Mika meet his dog, Lady. They got along from the start. 
Well, when we came home from trips and Mika got back home, she was like, 'Oh Hi, your back....OK....she did not seem to have the anxiety that she did when we picked her up from a kennel. Mark has always taken good care of our little girl.  He really goes all the way to make it the best experience, both for Mika and us too!

Melissa L.
I absolutely love Mark's service.  My dog is my little buddy and I would do anything for him.  Cooper, my dog, was boarded with Mark for a week and he has such a great time!  It's so refreshing to have found someone who loves animals and treats them with such loving care.  I would recommend Mark and his services to anyone in the area looking for quality care for their animals.

Carol H.
Mark rescued us when a local couple canceled our previously booked house sitting contract. It was 1 week before we left for an 11 day vacation. He stayed overnight with our 6 animals: 2 dogs and 4 cats. Mark did an exceptional job taking care of our animals. We recommend him highly and without reservation. He has become our dog/cat sitter of choice.

Caryn L.
We LOVE Mark. We only recently moved to Bend when we needed to find a house & caretaker for our two kitties for 10 weeks. Mark sent regular updates and pictures and even did some trouble-shooting when we had trouble with our utilities. We came home to a clean house & happy kitties. 
 I can honestly say our trip was more enjoyable because of Mark. Don't hesitate to call him first when you need a depend-able caretaker you can trust!

Lili B.
Mark went above and beyond to provide fantastic care for our beloved kitty, Albert, and our house while we were away.  Mark was wonderfully communicative and emailed with details from his visits, even sending pictures once.  This was unexpected and a great treat!  His approachable professionalism was a delight and he even voluntarily provided his bonding/license/insurance information during our walkthrough meeting.  I can't say enough about how happy we were with his services and how highly we recommend him for any pet care needs in the Bend area!

Diane H.
With over 20 years of experience with pet sitters, I know a good one when I see one...and Mark is one of the best! Mark is highly professional, genuinely cares about animals and does everything he says he will do then some.  I never have to worry at all about our pets when we travel (which is a lot). I cannot recommend him highly enough and I am sad he is leaving our area...but those of you who have a chance to work with him will be delighted!

Tim H.
Mark Davis is the kindest, most sensitive animal caregiver we've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Our dogs absolutely LOVE Mark and consider him one of their "pack".  We most strongly recommend Mark as a pet caregiver.

Heidi H.
We were so blessed to find Mark when we moved here about 9 months ago! He has taken such great care of our animal-babies! He has provided in-home care for our cats, including providing under the skin IV fluids and meds to one of our kitties who has kidney issues. He also has become a great friend, companion, and caregiver to our German shepherd, who has been boarded in his home many times. I know he takes good care of her because she gets excited when she sees him! We are sad that he is leaving our area, but someone in Oregon will be getting a wonderful, caring, and trust worthy pet sitter. My husband and I highly recommend him!

Anna Root
Mark is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met, and his animal interactions come from a place of love and respect. 

Tina W.
I am extremely pleased to recommend Mark Davis at Animal Friends Pet Care. For the past 5 years Mark has taken care of my cat 'Copper' and he has always provided honest, reliable, and dependable service. When it comes to 'Coppers' care and safety I am a very paranoid and cautious mommie! I travel a lot for my job so it is important that when I am away I am able to focus on my work and not worrying about 'Coppers' well-being. Mark has done a great job assuring me she is well taken care of while I am away and eases my mind through detailed emails of his time spent with her. I know for a fact that Mark spends quality time with Copper because of the detail he writes in his emails (I know her habits and only if he spent some quality time with her would he know). I fully and completely trust Mark with Copper. She usually runs and hides when strangers enter the home but not with Mark! When I come home and open the door she is not scared and acts normal as if I never left home. I have also in the past had to request Mark at the last minute due to an emergency and he was very accommodating on such short notice. Copper and I truly will miss him and the care he provides to his animal friends and we wish him the best in his new home of Bend, Oregon.

Jennifer C.
Mark Davis is a GREAT pet sitter. He is reliable and friendly and has a real connection with animals. If you worry about your pets when you are away you will feel much better if you know Mark is looking after them. He never makes me feel like the "crazy cat lady" He understands that our pets are like our children.

Jim H.
Mark is unquestionably one of the most compassionate, kind and caring people I know. Mark always goes well beyond the call of duty; to the point of even sending me emails while I was away to let me know the kids were just fine. Trust me,  I miss Mark more than he knows.

Sandra B.
Mark has been our dog walker for over three years.  Our golden retriever, Chezzie, absolutely loves him and paces the house waiting for him to take him on a walk.  He also has helped us out numerous times with boarding  Chezzie at his house.  We always know that our dog is being watched by someone who cares for and loves our dog as much as we do.  We highly recommend Mark to any dog owner.

Susan W.
Mark is nothing but exceptional. My labra doodle adores him, and better yet, he adores her too.  Mark is professional, great with dogs, and very trustworthy.  It takes a level of trust to give someone the keys to your home, and he earned that from the beginning. We will miss him when he moves as we have used his services for 3 years, but those in his new community in Oregon are gaining a wonderful pet sitter.

Tim H.
Mr. Mark Davis did an outstanding job in providing assurance that our three dogs, and home, were safe and secure when we were traveling. Providing pet care services in our own home is so much more desirable than pound-like "day-care" services. Our three pets are little "rescue" dogs each with their own personality quirks that require attentive patience. Mr. Davis' considerate and caring character won over all three dogs immediately upon meeting him. His thoroughness and attention to detail were impressive. It was clear that he was completely aware of each pet's needs. Mr. Davis’ service is by far the best we've ever used and will be the only service we use in the

Betsy E.
My husband and I needed help walking our three dogs, and I found Mark Davis through his website. When I read that Mark had spent a week volunteering at one of my favorite places, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, which I had also visited, I knew we might have found the perfect person to help us. It turned out I was right! Mark was so good with our dogs; they loved their walks with him. He was so trustworthy and always reliable, and such a very nice and professional person. We were so sorry when he left the LA area, but the folks in Bend, Oregon are very lucky indeed! We highly recommend him to care for your beloved animals.

Karin S.
I wish I could give 6 stars!  
Mark became my dog walker in May 2010, after I broke my foot and could not walk my German Shepherd, Sasha.  Sasha was a shelter rescue, and did not want to leave my side.   Several of my friends tried to walk her for me, but she would not go with them.   Mark came to meet her, and instantly formed a bond.  He was gentle, patient, and loving, which allowed her to get comfortable with him.   I was home, in a cast, so I was able to watch the transformation.   Mark is the best there is at what he does.  

Weiner P.
We had to leave town on very short notice. We called Mark Davis on the night before we had to leave. I had my fingers crossed that he would be available and he was so friendly and came over within the same hour to visit our pets and show us the ropes. I couldn't believe how complete his service is! Not only does he take the dogs out and play with them, but he waters your garden and checks the mail at no extra cost! I found the price to be very reasonable and his care to be exceptional. He emails you daily about each visit and even sends you photos of your pets running around enjoying his company. He even brought over a raw hide of our Staffie Brutsy to enjoy. I was so at ease while we were away because when Mark met Brusty (Staffie) and Weiner (Toy DachsoDoodle) he was so friendly at intimidated by Brusty's size and Weiner's energy. He took the time to bond with them before-hand so that they would trust him while we were away. Now we know who to go to when we have our summer vacation! You can be sure that you and your pets can rely on Mark. We highly recommend his services!  Thanks so much Animal Friends!